Ariel Storm is the creative collaboration of Kai Ariel and Aria Storm, a married duo of multi instrumentalist singer songwriters based in Seattle.Choosing creative independence, Ariel Storm built their own studio, Abracadabra, and created their own label, Carefree & Bohemian Records, through which they have released the eponymous "Ariel Storm" (2006) and "Spellbreaker" (2016)  The two originally met in San Francisco drawn together by mutual passions of music, art, metaphysics and the healing arts.
     Kai Ariel is a multi instrumentalist singer songwriter with a background in poetry, percussion and multi media performance events. A lover of harmony, he has contributed his vocal arrangements  to many recording projects.
     Aria Storm is a producer, composer, singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist. She graduated from UCLA with a BA in the composition and theory of music, where she also studied art. Her lush production of layered keyboards creates an ambient, psychedelic feel often heard as futuristic. Her tribal, trance inducing vocals were developed over years of being a professional dance musician and metaphysician. Aria is also an accomplished artist painting modern abstract acrylic works.
     Currently Ariel Storm is  performing in the Seattle area and writing and recording new music.